So long, farewell 2016.

It’s that time of year again where as soon as the clock hits midnight we all cheer and sing about how all our acquaintance be forgot. Not to mention the lucky few of us getting that special midnight kiss while some of us are drunk calling family and friends, posting a collection of pictures of our 2016 and writing a paragraph on Facebook about the ‘New Year, New Me’.

Yes it’s time to say goodbye to an emotional 2016 and I think it is fair to say that most of us are happy to wave it goodbye into the distance. Lets take a look at some of the depressing things we have had to deal with this year.


Celebrity Deaths


Nothing has been more emotional than losing the beloved people that we looked up to that gave us inspiration, it seems the music, film and television have all been hit hard with the unwanted news. From David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Terry Wogan, George Michael, Victoria Wood, the list is endless. It seems like 2016 wanted to royally screw us all over this year by taking the people that made some of us who we are today. Thank you 2016, in the mean time lets keep David Attenborough safe.



Remember that time we thought this was all one big joke and that we believed the UK wasn’t that stupid that we could possibly leave the EU? Oh how we were wrong. Possibly one of the biggest political things that happened in the UK this year saw us all divided and questioning our future, the divide was so strong that hate crimes even increased, everyone deserves a right to be here as long as they have worked hard to be here and prove they are happy to contribute to our economy which 99.9% of EU people are. Just because they’re not born and raised in England doesn’t mean they have to be sent back, if they’re hard working honest people then they have as much right as you. Whats even more silly is some people called for a re-vote because they voted leave purely down to the fact that ‘we voted leave because we didn’t actually think we would win and leave’. Um excuse me this is not how the voting system works and if you didn’t want to leave in the first place or were unsure of your decision then vote stay! At least if we stay it is easier to come out of the EU later if we wanted rather than struggle to get back in. Some peoples way of political thinking just blow my mind.



All I’m saying on this matter is that I feel bad that America will have an oompha lumpha as their president next year. Should of stuck with Obama if they could.

Final Thought.


So 2016 hasn’t been that bright, I for one can say it hasn’t been my year at all. However I’m not going to start this ‘New Year, New Me’ segment because I can guarantee within a week (who am I kidding, probably more like a couple of days) I will be back to the same old me. The point is you don’t need to change yourself each year because chances are you will slowly slip back into the old you, if you really want to make achievements in 2017 then make goals for yourself like ‘I’m going to pass my driving test this year’ or ‘I’m going to visit the gym this many times a week/month’. That way you get less upset if you can’t fulfill those achievements straight away because you have a whole Five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes to get to where you need to be.

For now, Happy New Year.


5 Things I Wish I Knew Before I Started Univerisity 

Like myself thousands of young people will be flocking back to university come September time, having survived my first year and now entering into my second year I can’t help but take a look back on what I experienced in my first year of Univerisity, which then leads me to think “Oh I wish I knew this before I started university”. So here are 5 pieces of wisdom that I will be sharing onto all you new “Freshers” that I wish I had when I started my first year. 
1. Freshers week is basically make friends week


One of the most daunting things about university is that most of your friends won’t be there with you, they will either be at full-time work at home starting the adult life or possibly studying a degree of their choice but just half way across the country, that’s why freshers week is the perfect week to mix and mingle with people in and out of your course. The best way to do Freshers is go to events with your flat/house Mates because let’s face it by the time you go out partying they will be the only people you know well enough to go out and party with at the start. But don’t worry when everyone’s drunk you’ll make friends as quick as flash – tip: not all your friends you make will be your friends for the rest of the year at uni whether they’re on the same course as you or not, so don’t go running after them just because you had a drunken conversation in the bathroom and now claim to be best friends, chances are they will either not remember the night or just want to forget it.

2. Sharing is caring 


If you’re are lucky like me you will become really close with your flat/house mates, the bad news is get ready to share some of your food. Now I know it’s not the end of the world, but when you’re looking forward to chomping down on that last bit of cheese that you are going to use on your pasta or simply in your sandwiches for your luch and your unfortunate housemate has hardly any food and is begging everyone to spare them some food, then say good bye to that cheese. It’s not that bad but it does happen a lot and the sad reality is that at least a couple of times you will be that housemate in some desperate need of food. If you don’t want to part from some of your favourite foods then do what I do and stash my favourites in my room, that way your housemates won’t know you have them.

3. Night owl 


As much as you say to yourself now that you will get all your assignments done in plenty of time without having to pull an all nighter than you are wrong. There will come a time where you will pull an all nighter at least once during your first year at university. Make sure you keep snacks and caffeine on hand when you pull an all nighter though.

4. Procrastination is you frenamy 


Procrastination leads to pulling all nighters just because you had to watch one more episode of Game of Thrones to see if your favourite character gets killed off next even though you’re re-watching that same season again for the 7th time. If you got to do something, then do it, don’t push it back. Another thing is that going out on the town suddenly becomes a form of procrastination and then before you know it – boom it’s 10 hours before deadline time, better get typing up that essay real fast.

5. You can change your mind from “I’m not going out tonight” to “I’m coming out tonight” in less that 5 minutes 


It’s magical how you can be convinced to go out for the night in less than 5 minutes, whether it’s you convincing yourself or your friends/housemates, don’t do it! There’s a reason you’re taking a night off so try and stick to that reason, however if you’ve had a really bad week or your day is a bit of a downer that has made you want to let your hair down spontaneously, then I guess I can let you off.

So there you go, 5 things I wish I knew before I went to university. 

Flat Mates, To Best Mates

Starting a new adventure can be hard, specially when the person that is just as mad as you  who can be seen by your side all the time can’t come on this adventure with you. For some this stepping stone can be hard when the person who they take comfort in is miles away while you attend to your new found life at university. For me even though I live 30 minutes away from my home to where I currently am at university, I was still unsure about the whole flat mates thing.

The new prosper of living with 4 other strangers for a whole year became a dawning experience for me before I had even moved into my new home. Now this wasn’t because I didn’t like the idea of sharing a flat with strangers, but more because I often feel very nervous and shy when meeting new people, before I had even moved in and met these new people I had decided that I would hibernate in my room and just come out for food and water. But despite this decision, it  didn’t stay like that for long.

I didn’t stay in my room because I wanted to, I did it because I find it very hard to make new friends and open up a conversation and I couldn’t ask my best friend from back home for  help as she was constantly living her life in full time work, so I needed someone to support me when she couldn’t, that’s when I met this one certain flat mate and everything changed.

Sporting her long dark brunette locks and wide dough eyes she opened up her arms to me and welcomed me to the flat. As months moved on we began to settle into our new found adult life and we also started to  get use to each other, I think one of the best things about my flat mate is her cultural diversity which shines through her cooking and personality, although it would be nice to go without the occasional Latino and French music.

My flat mate has gone above and beyond the duties of any other ordinary flat mate. She makes me laugh and smile and comforts me in my darkest moments, we have that bond now that we can tell if one of us is acting out of the ordinary and we always check on each other on and after a night out. Like I said, she doesn’t have to do that, but she does out of the kindness of her own heart.

None the less we share the same crazy and hysterical humour and mind, I cannot tell you the amount of stupid things we have got up to in our own flat and on nights out, but I wouldn’t take a single of those moments back,  she’s a very strong and special woman and she knows who she is, so this one goes out to you, you know who you are.

“L’une des plus belles qualités de véritables frienships est de comprendre et d’être compris”

Who Inspires You?

The question of who inspires me is often asked, for many people this is simply a celebrity that they hugely admire, for others it is a member of the family or a close friend, and for those of us who live in a close community it can be someone from there. But the two people who inspire me the most are un sung hero’s in my opinion.

These two people are my previous college lectures. Yes, that’s right, my previous college lecturers. For two years I had the pleasure of learning Film and Media from these two gentlemen and my opinion they deserve their own Oscar in their own right. But what makes these two so special to inspire me in my work and in the person I am today, well there is a very simple and easy answer to this and it all comes down to one little thing they both taught me throughout my two years at college.

You can do it.

Just four simple words, four simple words that before meeting them I did not believe in.

Me and education have never been the greatest of friends, for years and years I was constantly told by my teachers that I wasn’t good enough or smart enough and after sometime I started to believe them. I believed I wasn’t good at anything whether it be academic or creative I just couldn’t make my mark with it in terms of education. But the tables were soon turned when my mind was opened up into the wonderful and weird world of Film & Media, my lecturers saw potential in me that no other teacher saw, they pushed me, they knew I wanted to succeed and they pushed me to my success. They saw the creativity in my mind and encouraged me to pursue it, I think it’s safe to say that without them I wouldn’t be finishing my first year at university doing a Television course and I cannot thank them enough for their bright personalities and incredible teaching skills.

For me I personally I think creatively and physically I would not be where I am today without their help. If in the near future I win a BAFTA or a National Television Award for my work in television then I shall hold my award up high and be the first to thank them for getting me here. Why?

Because these are the people who inspire me.

The dreaded results day…


Many of us are now free from the stress of A Levels and GCSEs (congratulations you made it through!) but now the real worrying starts, results day. It’s the day that is put off in our minds until the end of July hits us, then and only do we all start to majorly panic. I remember taking my GCSEs and worrying about my results and what would happen if I didn’t get the grades I wanted to progress into my college courses, well after all that worrying I did fine and found that there were many options for me to take in case I dint get the grades, but now I’ve come to the point in my life where I am now awaiting grades for university. 

Yes, university, some people are pretty happy to go out to the working world or take on an apprenticeship instead of uni in which I apploaud you tremendously. But with university it’s not as easy to riggle or talk yourself into letting them onto your course if you don’t get the grades you want, oh no uni is a tuff cookie! While I worry constantly about uni life I try to put it to the back of my mind, but while the UK economy grows and the government keep poking their noses into the education system it has become relatively harder and harder each year for young people wanting to go to uni, if the prospectus of grades didn’t put us off the perhaps that the £9000 tuition fee (maybe more depending on your course) may put you off? It’s safe to say that you’re in debt before your life has even well a truly started. 

My advice would be whether you’re waiting for GCSEs results or A level results is just chill, okay you’re allowed to start freaking out 2 weeks before results day but that’s it, because the truth is the education system is starting to get even harder and it is going to be one challenge after the other, but remember this, if you get good grades then welcome to the educational life of college/uni. If you don’t however then don’t worry, there are many options for you to take out there, it may not seem it, but you have to go out looking for it if you really want it.  

The loss of a friend


 Recently I have been gripped onto the Australian Netflix TV series ‘Dance Acadamy’. You. Don’t have to have a love for dance or theatre or anything related to it because it touches so perfectly upon teenage/young adult emotions and problems. However today while watching season 2 I found myself sobbing my eyes out due to this one episode. 

A character called Sammy was hit by a car and died on the way to the hospital just when he was about to compete in the international dance competition to have a chance to be named ‘the best dancer in the world’. Even though you did not see his death, the direction of the scene and the performance of the cast was done so beautifully to move me to tears. 

Which got me thinking. 

Have you ever lost a friend in a form like this or similar? It’s painful and it hurts and it feels like the whole dynamic of the group is lost and that you’re lost. You forget there are angels in the sky and that they are now up there cheering you on and you don’t know it because you’re just sobbing your heart out. 

The character Sammy went through many emotional storylines such as being unable to stand up to his dad about wanting to dance to figuring out his sexuality and dealing with his first gay relationship. As a viewer you went on this journey with Sammy and that’s what hurt the most when you found out about his death. 

Take a step back, enjoy life. Don’t take friends for granted and have fun with them because one day they can be gone just like that and it will be too late to make up for lost time with them. 

Exam thoughts anyone?


It’s time to sharpen your pencils, get new biro pens and knowledge up as it’s that time of year every GCSE, A Level and Finals student hates. Yes, it’s exam season!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year that every student looks forward to near the end of their academic year (not). This year I have found that my exams have come round way too early to bite me in the butt, but I’m also at the panic mode stage where you like to convince yourself that you know nothing that you have studied for a whole year and therefore you are convinced that you will fail.

Last year I took my first year of A Levels and I thought I did pretty rubbish to be fair but turns out I came out with decent grades! However, this year I find myself freaking out more, last year I was freaking out because I thought I would get bad grades and wouldn’t be able to carry onto my second year and may have to re start my first year, on the one hand it’s now a completely different game. This year (with fingers majorly crossed) I’m hoping to embark on the exciting world of university, the only thing standing in my way is the grades I get in my exams. And that’s what I’m fearing the most, what if I don’t get the grades? Do I just go straight out and join the big world and get a normal job? I know there’s options to do another course that will accept the grades you receive but there is a major difference between doing a course you have your heart set on and have been looking forward to starting to suddenly doing a course that you’re not that interested in and has you thinking constantly ‘why the hell am I  here’?

The government don’t make it easy for us young people in education, when the exam scores come out and there are too many A’s or B’s in a subject the government suddenly think that education is too easy for us therefore the following year they make the grade boundaries harder and higher for the next set of unfortunate souls who have to take exams. It’s unfair and not easy, but that’s life unfortunately.

Anyway, wish me luck for these next couple of weeks as the library will become my new home. Good luck to every other student out there who feels my pain and is sitting GCSE, A Level or Finals Exams, YOU CAN DO IT!

32 things that happen during finals

”You’re depressed because you’re sad”


I know depression is a tricky and also sensitive subject, but the other day I came across a powerful image that made me think about people who rant and rave about how they have depression for attention or those quite few people who really are depressed and keep it to themselves or tell a select few.

The Image had on the left hand sign pointing left saying ‘I am depressed because I am depressed’ and on the right hand side there was a sign pointing right with the caption ‘I am depressed because I am sad’.

Now my portrayal of this picture was that it was saying that just because we feel the emotion of sadness for a short while does not mean we are depressed, In my opinion I think over the recent years the word ‘depressed’ and ‘depression’ has been over used by many of us to describe us just generally feeling sad about something, none the less I think the media and some (not all) celebrities have a role to play in this my glamorising mental health for many years.

Take the incident about Robin Williams who sadly passed due to his struggle with depression. Personally I think it’s sad that it takes the death of one man, one funny man who was loved by millions and made many of us laugh to raise awareness of depression and mental illness in general. A lot of people take that word for granted and use it for when we’ve been sad for a few days. I think it’s sad that it took the death of Robin Williams for the media and the public to stop glamorising mental illness and to urge people to get help. Why then? Why couldn’t society recognise this before? More important why did it have to take a celebrity to bring this matter to attention to our minds? Sorry but did statistics and stories from normal families who have lost their loved ones to it not enough for you to take notice?

I’m not here to say “I know everything about this matter because I’ve been through it myself”. Because the truth is, I don’t know everything on this matter and no I haven’t been through it to give full evidence about it. But I have talked to those and know those who have battled through it and to this day they are still the strongest people I know.

I’m not here to bash mental illness, I’m just saying please know the difference between you being sad and depressed. Depression isn’t an emotion that you can use for attention whenever you feel sad, because for some, it’s a real fight they have to put up. Not because they’re sad, but because they are depressed.

Take their journey in their shoes and you may find that there is a complete difference.

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